First Ep

by MooM

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The EP is physically available on our "Double EP Cassette" together with the second EP, released on Bled Dry Productions.
For EU orders contact us on
For US/South American orders you can contact the label on Discogs.

Recorded live at The "Koro", Tel Aviv, winter - spring 2015
Mixed and Recorded by the band members
All songs written by MooM
Sima - Vocals
Ez Ra - Guitar
Gad - Bass
Heshbon - Drums



released May 7, 2015

Cover by Ez Ra
Logo by Jackie



all rights reserved


MooM Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

fast and heavy
you name it we play it

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Track Name: Cages
the sand turned into a prison

into the silence of the dessert they go

into a fucked up system filled with laws assisting no one

but the ones who signed them off

looking for a new home

looking for a new life

looking for someone to push the blame on

it's always someone else

waiting on a borrowed time for someone to decide on our fucking life.

cages. were so sufficient we build them for ourselves.
Track Name: Ancient Scripts
the long history of men. the broad mistery of one single truth

became the lies told by many

violence and sins made under the deceiving influence of this strong belief

ancient scripts

ancient scripts

we follow the lies

the villains and thieves are alive

strong women are removed from the publics' eyes

ancient scripts
Track Name: Fate
He sits in the dark awaits the unfortunate fate

The tormenting experience of paying for your sins with time

They put his food through two locked doors untouched unspoken to, he sits alone he sits in the dark

He knows only violence

He sits there to rot alone in his cell

He knows only darkness

Afraid of the light
Track Name: The Spell
They came marching in On crying horses made of steel

Claiming everyone else were thieves and all we have to do was kneel

Before their beliefs and before their truth, Big mistakes and witches got burnt

the torch that led to the fire made nothing look better and the witches kept burning (ahhhh!x2)

yearning for compassion or just a decent burial

what was lost in the fire may be returning again and again

in different forms of color or names but it's the same fucking pattern again and again

Break the spell, somebody burn all the lies this is hell.